Discover how you can go from Zero Clients to FULLY BOOKED in No Time!
At this one-day intensive you’ll learn… how to generate an endless flow of high value leads, directly to your door, no matter what your industry…
If you are ready to TRANSFORM your ability to attract clients ONLINE, OFFLINE and through an endless flow of REFERRALS and finally start earning what you’re worth, you’re going to love this event…

The 360° Leads Summit is simply unlike any business event you’ve ever attended.

The world has changed.

Today being talented at what you do and is no longer enough. If you want to be successful, you need to be able to proactively and consistently generate LEADS from three primary sources.


As people increasingly head online to research and make their buying decisions, it’s essential that you know how to attract, engage and convert online opportunities.


The marketplace is noisier than ever so learning how to position yourself as the GO TO expert in your niche is an essential component of your offline success.


Every business loves referrals, yet few businesses have a predictable system that allows them to create a consistent flow of referrals without sounding pushy.

Today the secret to success is found in your ability to consistently create quality LEADS.

The 360° Leads Summit, is for any small business owners who wants to know how to attract more customers.

Discover every thing you need to know to start generating leads from every angle for your business.
HOT TOPIC Panel discussion gives you the chance to get expert advice about improving your online lead generation strategies.
Facilitated NETWORKING session will help you find the 10 people you most need to meet to help grow your business.
Four power-packed and practical keynote presentations will show you exactly how you can ignite your lead generation.

PLUS – The Exclusive Connections Corner located in our exhibitor area

One of the unique features of the SUMMIT is it offers every delegate the chance to place their marketing materials (up to an A4 flier size) in the connections corner to promote your products or services to all delegates. The Connections Corner is in the exhibitor area where you can find all the products and services you need to build your business fast.

Keynote Speakers

Bill Cates

America’s No.1 Referral Coach

3 Strategies for Exponential Growth

Create a Perpetual Flow of New Business through Referrals and Quality Introductions

Client Satisfaction and Client Loyalty are critical to the stability of your business. But it’s Client Leverage that turns incremental growth into exponential growth. In this unique, high-content session, you will receive the blueprint for building a thriving business based on referrals and personal introductions.

While most entrepreneurs may tell you their number one source of new business is referrals, very few know how to truly ignite the referral potential of their business. So, we have enlisted the help of the world’s number one referral generation expert to show you exactly how to create an effortless flow of referrals for your business.

Bill Cates is the author of Get More Referrals Now!, Don’t Keep Me a Secret!, and Beyond Referrals. Bill has revolutionised the way small business owners, professionals, and salespeople acquire more and better clients/customers through referrals and personal introductions. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading referral experts. A member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame Bill has spoken on the main platform of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in the US, Korea, Malaysia, India, and Australia; as well as high-level audiences in Europe and South America.

He is without doubt the most sought after referral coach on the planet and his Referral Advantage™ Program is the most comprehensive client-centred approach to referral creation ever built.

In his only live performance in Melbourne Bill will show you:
  • Why client satisfaction and loyalty are not enough for the growth you want.
  • 3 sub-strategies to get referrals without asking.
  • 1 simply way to capture a bigger share of business from your current clients.
  • How to ask for referrals without pushing or begging.
  • A simple way to use LinkedIn to generate more introductions.
  • How to get “referred up” to higher-level prospects.
  • How to turn a referral into a solid introduction so prospects are eager to hear from you and receptive to an appointment.
  • How to reach out to prospects with a Compelling Value Proposition™.

If you apply only some of these ideas to your business, you will see immediate results. Follow the blueprint that Bill provides and you’ll be on your way to building a thriving business based on referrals and personal introductions.

Come ready to take lots of notes and then more powerful action. The last time Bill was in Australia to speak at one of our events was 2103, and the event was a sell out, so don’t miss your one and possibly only chance to see Bill live.


Yvonne Adele

Digital Marketing Expert

Grow your Leads with Social Media Marketing

Yvonne Adele is a guru in the digital marketing space. A Microsoft graduate with over two decade’s experience, Yvonne first shot to prominence as Ms Megabyte in the mid 90ʹs. This led to a national media profile and best-selling book (Conquer Your Computer).

As Ms Megabyte, she authored Australia’s PCs for Dummies, and travelled around the world as IT Reporter for the Today Show and enjoyed a long residency as columnist for Woman’s Day and Women’s Weekly.

Today Yvonne teaches entrepreneurs how to build a list of brand advocates (followers) and how to use technology effortlessly to become irresistible to clients.

In this power-packed session Yvonne will show you how to truly leverage your social media platforms to generate and constant flow of quality leads.

You’ll discover:
  • Where social media MUST fit into your marketing strategy
  • How you can utilise 3 free technology tools to engage with your client base in less than 10 minutes a day.
  • How you can STAND OUT amongst the conversations that are already going on in your area of expertise / industry.
  • How you can transform your social media channels into lead machines for the business.

Ultimately Yvonne will reveal how you can build a network of advocates (followers) who not only purchase your products and services, they spread the word about YOU to their network. This session is not to be missed!


Jules Brooke

Media and PR Specialist

Use the Media to create leads for FREE!

Jules is the founder of Handle Your Own PR and an expert at helping small business owners win free media coverage.

Over the past 20 years, Jules has worked extensively in the newspaper, graphic design and advertising industries. The founder of Handle Your Own PR, today Jules shows business owners how they can gain access to the media for free and get the phone ringing with a swag of HOT PROSPECT eager to buy.

What Jules will teach you in this session is gold as it will allow you to tap into one of the most effective marketing streams available – and do it all at no cost. Once you understand how to leverage the media properly, you will be able to attract clients to your business like never-before.

Jules will show you how to drive your own PR machine to gain awareness and attract buyers. This is one skill every serious entrepreneur needs to master if they are serious about unlocking their lead generation potential.


Paul McCarthy

Marketers Club Founder and
Host of the 360° Lead Summit

The A-Z of Building Your List

Paul McCarthy is one of Australia’s most respected small business marketing experts, whose guidance has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to transform their results, businesses and lives.

Paul is well known by Marketers Club members and across Australia for his innovative marketing ideas. In this presentation, Paul will walk you through one of the most important aspects of client attraction, your LIST BUILDING strategies. If you are struggling to generate enough leads in your business this session will be GOLD to you.

Paul will be sharing a host of awesome strategies to help rapidly build your LIST. By using these powerful marketing tools, you will be able to attract more leads then you dreamed possible. This will be a real ‘how to’ session where Paul will reveal the exact process he uses to create marketing funnels that have serious client pulling power.

Expert Online Panel

Sam Young

Sam is the founder of Reveler, a boutique web design company that has been helping clients achieve online success for over 10 years.

When it comes to creating online success, you won’t find anyone better qualified to help you than Sam Young. As one of this country’s leading experts in winning with the web, Sam will show you how to make sure your website is designed to win you more business.

Whether you want to know how to drive more traffic, improve your Google ranking, generate more leads, or convert more prospects into buyers, Sam will be on hand to answer all your questions and give you real clarity.

If you want to be able to use your website to grow your leads, then you’re going to be glad you have Sam in your corner.


Tom Dickson

Tom Dickson is a highly-gifted entrepreneur who has built a million-dollar printing business (Same Day Printing) from the ground up and used many effective online strategies to do it.

Tom’s base of knowledge is extraordinary and he is a self-confessed life-long learner. Tom knows what it takes to build a successful business and as a result, he brings a practical approach to use of many online tools, such as adwords, pay per click (PPC) and website optimisation.

You are going to love all the practical insights Tom will share about the best things to do and the things to avoid if you want to win business online.

At this year’s 360° Lead Summit you’ll discover how to:

From Cold to Sold

Transform your marketing message to ensure you are attracting and not repelling the prospective buyers you are hoping to win.

The ‘Must Know’ Rules for winning business online

Learn how to attract more visitors and convert more sales online. Learn about the tools you need and the step-by-step strategy you need to apply to win online.

The A to Z of list building

Discover how to position your expertise and provide easy access to your information to ensure you can continuously build a list of high quality prospects

Filling the Sales Funnel

Learn what you need to do to ensure you have a steady stream of qualified, high value prospects constantly in your pipeline.

Referral Marketing – How to get your clients referring

Discover the fool proof guide for how you can dramatically increase the numbers of referrals you receive and get your existing clients to grow your business for you.

How to Get Free Publicity in the Media and Create More Sales

Learn how to generate FREE PR for your business and use the media to attract clients without spending a cent on advertising.

Creating Profitable JV & Affiliate Marketing Relationships

Learn how to massively increase the reach and profitability of your business by building money making Joint Venture relationships.

Visibility – Standing Out From the Crowd

Learn how to grab the attention of prospects in your industry and be the first person they call on when they want to buy your product or service.

And much, much more…

What Happens At The 360° Leads Summit?

This is Australia’s #1 strategic Client Attraction and Networking Building event for small business owners.

Local and international Client Attraction experts combine with experienced advisors to provide you with exceptional exposure to the latest and most profitable techniques and technologies to attract all the clients you need.

The Summit is split between ‘How To’ Presentations and practical networking workshops (where delegates have the chance to discuss hot topics, network and collaborate).

Furthermore, every delegate has the opportunity to promote their business in the Connections Corner as well as the chance to meet and chat to our expert guests and exhibitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the 360 Lead Summit different to other events I’ve attended?

  • There is simply no event like this one that provides you with expert advice and proven strategies to attract more clients, as well as the chance to actively network and establish profitable relationships with other business owners right there in the room.

  • This is not a seminar where you sit around, listen and take notes. This is a roll up your sleeves round table summit designed to help you build the relationships you need to take your business to an entirely new level of profit and performance.

What can I really expect to get from the Summit?

  • You will get real HOW TO information that you can use immediately in your business from all our expert speakers.

  • You will have the opportunity to REALLY CONNECT and BE MATCHED UP to other delegates who share similar goals and interests or are looking for a particular service.

  • You can promote your business to the other 260 delegates in attendance through our Connections Corner where we encourage you to place promotional material.

Does it matter what business I’m in or how long I’ve been in business?

  • No, it doesn’t matter your industry or length of time in business, because every entrepreneur at every level will find value in the information being shared and the quality of people they get to actively network with at the 360 Lead Summit. So no matter whether you’re;


Just Starting Off?

You’ll discover how you can position yourself and win business despite not having the runs on the board of your more experienced competitors.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

You’ll learn how to put your referral process on autopilot and get your current clients raving about you and creating a stream of new business.

Are You An Advanced Entrepreneur?

You’ll get the inside scoop on how to build powerful joint ventures and alliances that will catapult your business to a whole new level of profitability.

If you want to grow your business you need to expand your reach…

It’s estimated that over 84% of business flows from word of mouth referrals, so it makes sense that every business owner would want to invest in expanding their reach. People often say it’s not what you know but who you know that counts. Today what’s even more important is WHO KNOWS YOU?

 If you want to create serious leads for your business, then this is your big chance.

This is not a seminar where you just sit around and listen – this is a roll up your sleeves summit to help you win more clients!



The 360° Leads Summit
Thursday 4th May 2017


The NAB Centre
700 Bourke St, Docklands


From 8am
Day commences at 9am
Day concludes 5.30pm


Single Ticket $135
Double Ticket $150

Final Words

If we had to boil down everything said on this page about the 360° Lead Summit into just one question, it would be this…

…Is the opportunity to spend a day with around 250 switched on entrepreneurs just like you, working to the common goal of creating VALUABLE CONNECTIONS and listening to a team of expert lead generators share their best advice about how to bring more clients to your door, worth the Early Bird investment of just $65?

If your answer is “YES”, then make sure you book your seat at the upcoming summit as soon as possible.


The Marketers Club Team

Please note: Your investment to attend includes access to all keynote speeches, and strategic networking sessions. Lunch and dinner are by your own arrangement. The venue offers tea, coffee and other light refreshments, but these will be at your own cost.

Summit Refund Policy

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with The Marketers Club refund policy.

The Marketers Club does not offer refunds within 30 days of the scheduled event. If you book and are unable to attend, you can however transfer or sell your ticket.

Please note you cannot sell your ticket for more than what you paid, and you must advise us in writing (at least 14 days prior to the event) with the name, address, email and daytime contact number of the person taking your spot. We reserve the right to refuse entry.